1. Do I need to register account to apply the job?

To apply the job, you don’t need to register your information. Just go to the Jobs list and click Apply button. There you can upload your resume and submit it.

2. What is the benefit if candidate users register their account with full information in Peneil JOBs?

All the Employer companies will see your profile and will contact your number or send message in the Peneil JOBS to make appointment interview with you.

3. Is that free?

Yes. It is free now. It will be always free for you.

4. Is it available in mobile version?

Yes. Now you can see it in the web in your phone. Andriod APK will be released soon. Also iOS version will be available soon.

5. Does it cover all the jobs in Myanmar?

Yes. It covers all the jobs in Myanmar with different location such as jobs in Yangon, jobs in Mandalay, jobs in Naypyitaw, jobs in Myitkyina and so on.

6. Is that secure and reliable?

Yes. It is very reliable and very secure because it is supported by highly skill technical team behind the development. We ensure that there will be no error and downtime in the system.

7. Is there any user guide or instruction?

There is a link for user guide or instruction in home page. Please check it in the web site.

8. Is there any terms of Use?

Please check it in the web site link ‘Terms of Use’.

9. Will the jobs information and employers be updated in the site regularly?

Yes. We guarantee all the jobs information and employers in Myanmar will be in the Peneil JOBS soon and you will get a job definitely in here because it is also FREE for ALL Employers and they will post/publish many jobs here all the time.